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"FUNDCHEM reduces energy consumption in the production process through advanced functionalized additive formulation technology; Extend the service life of plastics to more than ten times; Prevent plastic combustion and possible electrostatic effects to ensure the safety of life; Catch bacteria and viruses in the air and protect people's health. Every FUNDCHEMER is a messenger to protect your life safety and beauty, which is the mission that FUNDCHEM has worked for all his life."

FUNDCHEM philosophy

Fundchem is committed to creating plastic functionalized solutions that exceed customer expectations, bringing touch and surprise to customers, and helping them achieve incredible success.

  • Corporate Mission

    Pursue the happiness of all employees, protect the safety and beauty of life.

  • Business Philosophy

    At FUNDCHEM, employees always come first.

    In the hearts of "Fundchemer", the customer always comes first.

  • Vision

    To be a world leader of plastic functionalization solutions driven by employee happiness.

  • Values

    Sincerity  Endeavor  Responsibility  Win-win

Innovative services

Continuous and profound self-reflection is the cornerstone of FUNDCHEM's sincere culture.

  • Extensive and in-depth international cooperation

    FUNDCHEM has established extensive and strong partnerships around the world, and is committed to the interactive introduction of advanced technologies, concepts and products at home and abroad.

  • In-depth study of the chemical additive technology developed

    Through in-depth cooperation with partners, cross-border integration of chemistry and material technology, using in-depth research and development of chemical additive technology to give the soul of polymer materials. We strive for a lifetime to exceed the performance, functionality, sustainability and aesthetics of materials that exceed your satisfaction.

  • Extensive front-line experience

    FUNDCHEM conducts product development and innovation through on-site investigation of real market needs, and co-creates strategies with partners.

  • Grow together with partners

    FUNDCHEM leverages its years of experience in the chemical industry to work with partners to improve product quality, improve environmental protection technology, assist in international market access certification, and seek common sustainable development.

  • Great customer experience

    FUNDCHEM continues to carry out application research and development, quickly crossing the gap between the inconsistent level of productivity development at home and abroad, helping partners quickly open the market, while saving costs and time for customers.

  • Leading the sustainable development of the industry

    FUNDCHEM takes the increasing requirements of the global plastics industry to reduce costs and increase efficiency, safety and environmental protection as an opportunity to improve the functional level of the global plastics industry as its own responsibility and lead the sustainable development of the industry.

Main products

By integrating global chemical and polymer formulation technologies, the company focuses on providing flame retardant, anti-ultraviolet light aging, anti-static and other properties for polyolefin extruded products. So as to extend the life cycle of plastic products, ensure the safety of production and living processes, reduce the consumption of natural resources, and ultimately contribute to the promotion of global sustainable green development.

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