Tarpaulin Tarpaulin

Tarpaulins are used in a wide range of applications, from construction tarpaulins to agricultural mesh cloths, and the quality and strength of untreated tarpaulins will be greatly reduced when exposed to ultraviolet rays, and the flammable properties of the material can seriously affect the safety and stability of the product.

With years of experience and craftsmanship's ingenuity in R&D and manufacturing capabilities, Ro-guard® flame retardant and Ele-Vin® light stabilized masterbatches escort your production process and product stability.

  • Technical customization support

    According to the actual tarpaulin application scenarios and the specific requirements of different processes of tarpaulin production, FUNDCHEM can decompose one by one to provide solutions suitable for the functions you need. Fully consider the equipment corrosion caused by the formation of acid gas and the failure of other functional additives in the process of high-temperature processing, and solve the above process difficulties from the root cause of the formula, so as not only to meet your needs with high cost performance, but also to deeply protect your equipment and reduce production costs.

  • Compliance

    FUNDCHEM are committed to providing our customers with high-quality products and services that exceed their expectations and meet the requirements of relevant industry and international standards.

  • Security

    FUNDCHEM offer packaging-related products that comply with relevant regulations and standards, meeting EU, German and US food contact standards.

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