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Industrial films have been widely used in food, medicine, chemical and other fields. In different application scenarios, film products often have different needs: anti-static resistance value, outdoor anti-ultraviolet ray, flame retardant protection, improve processing performance, film easy opening, eliminate surface gloss, inhibit rust, high thermal stability, etc.

FUNDCHEM has a professional perspective in the field of thin films, understanding materials and how they mix with other raw materials and how they react in different manufacturing processes.

As a one-stop supplier of Ele-Vin® light stabilized masterbatch, antistatic masterbatch, Ro-Guard® flame retardant masterbatch, processed masterbatch, open masterbatch, matting masterbatch, anti-rust masterbatch, heat stable masterbatch and other products. With our extensive know-how and many years of experience, FUNDCHEM take into account the uniqueness of each product and the conditions of service to offer you the most comprehensive range of individual solutions in the field of films.

  • Pursue extreme stable quality

    Credibility comes from quality, and quality comes from attitude. FUNDCHEM have strict production and testing standards and requirements to ensure accurate control of finished grains and ensure your production and use.

  • Cost-effective

    Long-term stable masterbatch effect, can bring help to your products, compared with the products on the market, FUNDCHEM can ensure a strong cost performance under the premise of long-term stable excellent performance.

  • Technical customization support

    The right additives can impart the critical properties required by the original polymer and improve process conditions and productivity without compromising quality. With many years of experience and excellent research and development capabilities, FUNDCHEM will provide standard or tailor-made solutions that meet your specific needs.

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