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High hydrophilic ratio & baby skin contact safety

Since Polypropylene is non-polar structure and basically does not contain hydrophilic groups, Non-woven fabrics is hydrophobic. Hydrophilic non-woven fabrics are modified by adding hydrophilic masterbatches.

Fundchem Hydrophilic masterbatches are odorless, non-irritating and safe skin contact. It makes the liquid quickly transferring to the fiber core, endow the non-woven with high-efficiency hydrophilic performance, good moisture and air permeability with perfect mechanical properties and no fuzzing or easily peel off. The hydrophilic masterbatch has no effect on the spinning process, applied on diapers, sanitary napkins, wiping cloth and so on.


Tailored plastic functionalized solutions for you

By integrating global chemical and polymer formulation technologies, the company focuses on providing flame retardant, anti-ultraviolet light aging, anti-static and other properties for polyolefin extruded products. So as to extend the life cycle of plastic products, ensure the safety of production and living processes, reduce the consumption of natural resources, and ultimately contribute to the promotion of global sustainable green development.

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