Product Details

Chemical name: Chlorinated paraffin 70

M.: C25H30Cl22

CAS No. 63449-39-8

FRMaster CP70 offers

Good chemical stability

Excellent fire retarding

Chemical/aging resist properties

Thermal stabilities


Application/ features/ benefits

Chlorinated paraffins have a wide range of applications. For instance, they are used as plasticizers in plastics, particularly PVC. They are also added to joint sealants, metalworking oils, coatings and paints to take advantage of their useful properties. Chloroparaffins serve important functions in paints and coatings, acting as a plasticizer for binders and even as a corrosion inhibitor.

In metalworking, chlorinated paraffins are used as extreme-pressure/antiwear (EP/AW) additives. These additives are especially crucial in drawing oils and cutting oils used in metalworking because they help reduce friction and wear.

Due to their flame-retardant properties, chloroparaffins are also added to rubber and plastic to effectively inhibit the outbreak of fire.

Physical Characteristics


White powder

Chlorine content

69 – 73%

Softening point



95% passing 40 mesh sieve

Thermal Stability(JQD%,HCl 4Hrs@175℃)

0.1 max

Carbon Tetrachloride ppm

2.00 max


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