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Company profile

Company profile

Qingdao Fundchem Co., Ltd.was established in 2007, committed to providing professional functional solutions for plastic processing products. By integrating the world's most advanced chemical and polymer formulation technology, the company focuses on providing flame retardant, anti-ultraviolet light aging, anti-static and other properties for plastic products. So as to extend the life cycle of plastic products, ensure the safety of production and living processes, reduce the consumption of natural resources, and ultimately contribute to the promotion of global sustainable green development.

Adhering to the cultural concept of "creating strengthism with sincerity culture", Fundchem deepens the reform of heart-oriented internal system and personnel consciousness. Sincerity culture is the foundation of our heart, and the strength of everyone is an operator, which is the premise of enterprise development. Only in this way can we achieve our established corporate mission, realize our own material and spiritual happiness through the efforts of all members, and further contribute to the success of our customers.

  • Corporate Mission

    Pursue the happiness of all employees, protect the safety and beauty of life.

  • Business Philosophy

    At FUNDCHEM, employees always come first.

    In the hearts of "Fundchemer", the customer always comes first.

  • Vision

    To be a world leader of plastic functionalization solutions driven by employee happiness.

  • Values

    Sincerity  Endeavor  Responsibility  Win-win

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