How To Choose The light stablizer Of Thin Polyolefin Products?


 As we have already said in the former passage, when plastic products are exposed to sunlight and some artificial light, it will adversely affect the integrity and durability of plastic products. For thin polyolefin products, UV absorbers do not provide effective protection. So how to protect the thin products of polyolefin?

Hindered amine light stabilizers inhibit polymer degradation

Light stabilizers are very effective stabilizers for polymers, especially polyolefins. They do not absorb ultraviolet radiation, but act as inhibiting polymer degradation. Significant stabilization levels are reached at relatively low concentrations. The high efficiency and long life of light stabilizers are due to cycling processes in which light stabilizers are regenerated during stabilization rather than consumed.


Cyclic process - light stabilizer regeneration

Therefore, light stabilizers are:

Very effective in high surface area applications such as films and fibers

The most effective additive for light stabilization of polyolefin

In addition, highly efficient heat stabilizers extend the service life of polyolefin products

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